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Visualizing Vertov, 2013

Media After Software, 2012

How to Follow Software Users? 2012

Museum Without Walls, Art History Without Names, 2012

Style Space: How to compare image sets and follow their evolution, 2011 (series of blog posts)

Inside Photoshop, 2011

How To Compare One Million Images? 2011

Software Studies, 2008, revised 2011

Media Visualization: Visual Techniques for Exploring Large Collections of Images and Video, 2011

From Reading to Pattern Recognition, 2011

Trending: The Promises and the Challenges of Big Social Data, 2011

There is Only Software, 2009, 2011

Understanding Scanlation: How to Read One Million Fan-Translated Manga Pages, 2010 (with Jeremy Douglass and William Huber), 2010

What is Visualization? 2010

Cultural Analytics: Visualing Cultural Patterns in the Era of “More Media”, 2009

How to Follow Global Digital Cultures, or Cultural Analytics for Beginners, 2009

Visualizing Change, 2009 (with Jeremy Douglass)

Introduction to Info-Aesthetics, 2008

The practice of Everyday (Media) Life, 2008

Designing Shanghai, or Why East of the New West, 2007

What comes after Remix? 2007

Interaction as an Aesthetic Event, 2007

Understanding Hybrid Media, 2007

Alan Kay's Universal Media Machine, 2006

After Effects, or Velvet Revolution - part 1, 2006

After Effects, or Velvet Revolution - part 2, 2006

Import/Export: Workflow and Aesthetics of Graphic Design, 2006

Social Data Browser, 2006

Friendly Alien: Object and Interface, 2006

Image Future, 2006

Scale Effects, 2005

Remixability and Modularity, 2005

The Shape of Information, 2005

Abstraction and Complexity, 2004

Moving Image Culture after Computerisation: an outline, 2003

New Media and Remix Culture (introduction to Korean edition of LNM), 2003

Don't Call it Art, 2003

Data Visualisation as New Abstraction and Anti-Sublime, 2002

Metadata, Mon Amour, 2002

Generation Flash, 2002

Welcome to the Multiplex: Documenta 11, 2002

10 Key Texts on New Media Art (1970-2000), 2002

Models of Authorship in New Media, 2002

The Poetics of Augmented Space, 2002 (updated 2005)

New Media from Borges to HTML, 2001 | IMAGES

Post-media Aesthetics, 2001

Reality Media, 2001

My Favorite Fashion Sites (for Art Forum), 2001

Information and Form, 2000

Macro-media and Micro-media, 2000

Avant-garde as Software, 1999

New Media: a User's Guide, 1999

Review of Stars Wars: Episode 1, 1999

Cinema by Numbers, 1999

The Camera and the World: the Art of Tamás Waliczky, 1998

Database as a Symbolic Form, 1998

Navigable Space, 1998

Cinema as a Cultural Interface, 1997

Jump Over Proust, 1997

Behind the Screen / Russian New Media, 1997

On Totalitarian Interactivity, 1996

The Aesthetics of Virtual Worlds: Report from Los Angeles, 1996

Cinema and Telecommunication / Distance and Aura, 1996

Automation of Sight from Photography to Computer Vision, 1997

Reading New Media Art, 1995

Archeology of a Computer Screen, 1995

To Lie and to Act: Potemkin's Villages, Cinema and Telepresence, 1995

What is Digital Cinema? 1995

Cinema and Digital Media, 1995

The Labor of Perception, 1995

From the Externalization of the Psyche to the Implantation of Technology, 1995

The Engineering of Vision and the Aesthetics of Computer Art, 1994

Paradoxes of Digital Photography, 1994

The Mapping of Space: Perspective, Radar and 3-D Computer Graphics, 1993


The following are some of the translations available online. For a complete list, see CV.

Post-media Aesthetics | Latvian

An interview about The Language of New Media (Daniel Palmer - Lev Manovich) | Latvian

The Poetics of Augmented Space | Spanish

Database as a Symbolic Form | Spanish

The Language of New Media | Spanish

Detour to the East | German

Jump over Proust | German

Behind the Screen / Russian New Media | German

On Totalitarian Interactivity | German

The Aesthetics of Virtual Worlds: Report from Los Angeles | German

What is Digital Cinema? | German | Spanish

Respect for Distance. Film/Telecommunication - Benjamin/Virilio | German

The Labor of Perception | German


Cultural analytics, software studies, and photography, interview by Gloria Sutton for FOAM no. 27, Summer 2011

Manovich: A Bomb for the Academy, interview by Янина Пруденко (in Russian), spectacularpractices.com, Nov. 4, 2010

Interview for коридор by Янина Пруденко (in Russian), Nov. 3, 2010

Interview for digicult.it by Giulia Simi, Milan 2010

Interview for Archive 2020 by Niels Kerssens and Annet Dekker, Amsterdam 2009

Interview for HPCwire by Kevin D. Franklin and Karen Rodriguez'G, ICHASS, July 2008

Interview for Spiegel, August 2006

Interview for Cluster by Domenico Quaranta, Milan 2004

Interview for Domus by Stefania Garassini, Milan 2003

Dialog between Lev Manovich and Jenny Marketou, Breeder 5, Authens 2002

Interactive Interview by Margarete Vöhringer and Birk Weiberg for Keyframe, Berlin 2002

Interview for Neural, Italy 2002

Interview for Plug-in Cinema, 2002

Interview for Histories of Internet Art, 2002

Interview for TAZ (in German), 2001

Self-interview for The MIT Press, 2001

Interview for Real Time Daniel Palmer, Australia 2001

Interview for rait.it by Marco Deseriis, Italy, 2001

Dialog between Lev Manovich and Geoffrey Batchen for Afterimage, 2001

Interview by the editors, SWITCH 5, no. 3 (special issue on Database), San Jose, 2000

Dialog between Lev Manovich and Geert Lovink: Digital Constructivism - What is European Software? 1998